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Charlotte Barbecue
Eastern Carolina Style

Bubba uses a 33-hour process to bring you the finest Eastern North Carolina Style Barbecue available.

We cook the whole hog on our pit until most of the fat is gone. During preparation, the remaining skin, fat, bone, and gristle are thrown away.

You are getting 100% lean meat with no ketchup, sugar or soy fillers. Our Barbecue is lightly seasoned with salt, crushed red pepper and vinegar.

For your safety, we take extra care to ensure food temperature and sanitation requirements are met or exceeded.

Cooked shoulders or other lesser cuts of meat, seasoned with ketchup, sugar, and hickory smoke flavor are much cheaper to produce. That is not our style. We strive for the finest quality at an affordable price.


Gettin' Hungry Yet?

It's easy to produce cheap Barbecue ...but you won't find it at Bubba's
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